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Six cloud services we use to run our business

Six cloud services we use to run our business

August 16, 2012 by

Six cloud services we use to run our business/cloudAs Chief Technical Officer for FreeAgent – an online accounting system – it’s probably no surprise that I believe virtually all IT tools are moving online, to ‘the cloud’. The days of rolling out shrink-wrapped software to a business are long over.

In fact, at FreeAgent we’ve already gone a long way down that road. Everyone in our company uses a whole plethora of online services, every day. Here are six that have become essential to our business:

  • We rely on Google Apps for email, spreadsheets and documents, instead of using the more traditional Microsoft Office suite.
  • Zendesk helps us provide customer support by managing and dealing with requests quickly and effectively. It means we never miss a support request.
  • Like many other companies, we use Salesforce as a business development tool.  It’s great for helping us identify and manage opportunities.
  • Geeks will already know Github, an online tool for version control – this keeps track of changes we make to the FreeAgent code base.
  • For project management we use both Basecamp and Trello. Both are very useful for the work we do at FreeAgent, although I especially like the flexibility that Trello provides and how it can be adapted to many workflows in different areas of a business.

There’s no guarantee, of course, that what’s right for us will be right for your company too. But I can safely say we’ve tried and tested all those tools, so they’re good places to start!

Olly Headey is Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of FreeAgent.


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