Everyday business laptop reviews

Buying new business laptops can seem tricky. There are so many manufacturers, offering so many different models, with so many confusing features that it's dififcult to know where to even start.

But there's no need to be negative with IT Donut to help! We identified five popular mid-range laptops, the kind that are well-suited to general business use.

Then we combed the web for trusted reviews, to build an overall picture of each laptop. This page contains the results: a short summary of each laptop, with a link through to a round-up of reviews - to help you find the best business laptop.

Every laptop we've looked at is small enough to carry regularly. Prices vary, but budget £500+ for a usable specification. Some manufacturers offer a lot of choice within their range, so we've indicated which model to go for in each individual review.


Dell Vostro V131Dell Vostro V131

Price: From £359, but £500+ for a reasonable specification.

Summary: A portable laptop that’s stylish and powerful enough to be your main laptop.

Best for: Everyday computing in a sleek package that’ll be at home in any sales meeting.

Dell Vostro V131 review >>

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Acer TravelMate TimelineXAcer TravelMate TimelineX

Price: From £569

Summary: Decent performance wrapped in a dull, uninspiring design.

Best for: Businesses willing to sacrifice some style and build quality in favour of value for money.

Acer TravelMate TimelineX review >>

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HP ProBook 5330mHP ProBook 5330m

Price: From £665

Summary: Fine to use at your desk but battery life is very poor.

Best for: Occasional travellers who don't need to worry about how long the battery lasts.

HP ProBook 5330m review >>

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Lenovo X220Lenovo X220

Price: from £839

Summary: Super-solid build quality, excellent performance - but at a price.

Best for: Regular travellers who have budget to spend and want a laptop that'll withstand a few knocks.

Lenovo X220 review >>

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Toshiba PortegeToshiba Portégé R830

Price: From £1,139

Summary: Expensive, thin and light, with excellent performance - but only an average screen and a little overpriced.

Best for: Anyone who wants a superbly portable laptop with built-in DVD drive and classy looks - and is happy to pay a little over the odds.

Toshiba Portégé R830 review >>

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