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Write for the IT Donut blog

If you can write a bit and have something interesting to say about business technology, why not apply to be an IT Donut guest blogger?

We're always looking for interesting contributions to add to our award-winning blog. We link back to all our contributors' websites, so it's a great way to get some publicity and share useful information with a bunch of small business owners.

What we need

We don't have an agenda beyond wanting to help businesses get more out of their IT. So if you have something to say about business IT, here's the sort of thing we're looking for:

  • Thought-provoking articles. We want opinions and comment. What do you think businesses get wrong about IT? Has another blogger got you riled?
  • Things to make us smile. There's plenty of serious information about business technology on the rest of our site. The blog's where we can have some fun.
  • Geeky stuff explained. We're fascinated by technology, and we want to show some of the really cool stuff to people who don't spend their days immersed in tech blogs.
  • Things you care about. If there's an area of business IT you're particular interested in or that you think deserves attention, here's your chance to get it out there.

How to get started

If you'd like to try writing a guest post for us, send a quick email to [email protected].

If possible, please include a brief summary of what you want to write about, plus a link to your website or blog and any examples of your writing we can take a look at. We'll get back to you just as soon as we can.