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Welcome to our brand new 'popular' page where we'll be adding links to our most read features and information plus hot topics. Keep checking here to see what's new.

  • 10 ways to use email effectively
    It's all too easy to fire out a quick email. But does your email inbox bulge with unanswered emails? Do your emails fail to make the right impression? These top tips can help you brush up your email technique.
  • 10 productivity-boosting uses for VoIP
    Introducing a VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) phone system can help you take control of your business communications, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Speed dialling, call divert, re-route and recording options and flexible messaging are just some of the benefits.
  • Cloud computing
    The number of cloud services has grown enormously in the last few years. Combined with the wide availability of good internet connections, it’s now feasible to run most areas of your business IT in the cloud. This introductory guide will help you assess how the cloud can help you run your business.
  • How to brief a web designer
    Most businesses do not have the techical or design capabilities in house to design and build a company website. This article will help you draw up a design brief that will help your web designer build a website that meets your company and client needs.
  • Create an intranet
    Setting up a business intranet – a private website which can only be seen by people in your company – is a good way to improve access to information, share resources and reduce costs.
  • Business data protection
    Did you know you could be fined £500,000 if your data was accidently disclosed, lost or stolen? Could your business function if your data was stolen or your servers crashed leaving you without access to your customer or client database? This guide will help you take the first steps towards identifying what data you have, where it is stored and how you can protect it.
  • Outsource IT support
    You can't be expected to be master of all trades and sometimes, if you want your business to grow, you need to get someone in to do the job for you. Using an IT support company can be surprisingly cost effective - especially if it frees you up to get on with the job of growing your business.
  • Regular IT maintenance
    Just as you wouldn't expect your car to run without regular services, so your IT system needs some routine maintenance to keep it running efficiently and effectively. Find out which routine tasks can help prevent a total IT meltdown.