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Welcome to our 'popular' page where we'll be adding links to our most read features and information plus hot topics. Keep checking here to see what's new.

  • What should your IT support contract cover?
    If you are planning to outsource your IT support to another company you may initially focus on the cost — and maybe the supplier’s reputation. However, it’s also important that you understand exactly what the support company is providing and what obligations they will have.
  • Eight tips to make the most of your accounting software
    Accounts software is simpler than ever to use. Modern packages run in the cloud, allowing you to sign in and access them anywhere. But, once you have got beyond the basics, accounting software can do so much more than simply automate your accounts.
  • Communicate more efficiently with a unified messaging system
    Communication is essential in business, and modern technology enables you to send and receive messages from wherever you happen to be. Find out how unified messaging works and the benefits it can bring your business.
  • How to calculate your printing costs
    Forecasting and maintaining your printing costs is not easy, yet it’s an important task if you want to limit the amount you spend whilst still getting a printer to suit your needs. John Sollars, managing director of printer consumables superstore,, explains how to calculate your printer running costs.
  • Ten ways to use email effectively
    Email has become the default communication tool for many businesses. Sending an email is quick, simple and cheap. But it can present all manner of pitfalls. Here are ten tips to help you use email more effectively.
  • Network servers
    A network server is a powerful computer connected to your business network. They are usually used for shared file storage and to run centralised applications, such as your customer database. Many of the functions traditionally performed by servers can now be carried out through cloud computing instead. However, the cloud has not eclipsed servers and the two technologies are often best-used together.
  • Flexible working
    Portable IT equipment, the widespread availability of broadband internet and the explosion of cloud-based computing services mean it’s easier than ever to allow flexible working in your company.
  • Five key website security checks
    You’ve spent months building your website and now it’s ready. Great! But wait – have you checked for common security problems that could leave your website vulnerable to a preventable attack?