How to create a QR code

QR code exampleQR codes are small, pixellated black and white squares that work in a similar way to barcodes

They can contain any information you like. Most QR codes are used to store website addresses and contact details.

QR codes can be 'scanned' by most smartphones with cameras – including iPhones, Android devices and BlackBerries. They've become widely used on adverts, packaging and more.

To learn more about QR codes, read our introduction to QR codes.

How to create QR codes

There are lots of different ways to create QR codes. We’ve chosen the QR Code Generator from the ZXing Project, because it’s nice and easy to use.


Go to the QR Code Generator web page.


Use the Contents box to choose what sort of information you want your QR code to contain.

For this example, choose Contact information.

Create QR codes – choose contents



Fill in the details you want your QR code to hold.

Although you can enter as much or as little information as you like, including less information will result in a QR code which is easier to scan.

Create QR codes – choose contents



Choose the Barcode size you want. You can experiment with this to get the right size for your own application.

If you’re not sure what size to use, choose large. You can always make the QR code smaller later on, if you need to.

Create QR codes – choose size



Click Generate and after a few seconds your QR code will appear on the screen:

Create QR codes - generate

(You can snap it with your mobile phone at this point to check it works.)

To save your QR code as a file on your computer, move your mouse pointer over it and click the right mouse button. A menu will open – click the relevant option with the left mouse button, depending on your web browser:

  • In Microsoft Internet Explorer, click Save picture as
  • In Firefox or Google Chrome, click Save image as

A standard Save as... window will open, allowing you to choose a location for the file on your computer.

Once you’ve saved the QR code, you can use it wherever you like: business cards, posters, adverts, your website, signs – it’s up to you!

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